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Masternode Setup Guide with GUI (Qt) wallet


Considering your wallet is completed syncronized.
To create a PNX Masternode, you need to have EXACTLY 20.000 PNX to following these instructions.

================ Section 01 // Getting additional infos ================

1 - First, identify your EXTERNAL IP ADDRESS

NOT RECCOMENDED create Masternode if you have DYNAMIC IP ADDRESS

URL Address:



2 - Open your wallet and follow these steps:


1 - Click on left side "PhantomX Nodes"

2 - Click on tab "MY PhantomX Nodes"

3 - Click on button CREATE...

3 - Write the alias name for Masternode and <IP-ADDRESS>:<PORT>


1 - Write Masternode name (label) Example: MN01

2 - Write the <IP-ADDRESS>:<PORT>

================ Section 02 // Creating configuration file "phantomx.conf" ================

4 - Change the CONFIG file as your Masternode required


1 - Click on button GET CONFIG

2 - Change the parameters in highlight RED and BLUE, as the example on right-side

3 - COPY the content

5 - Close the wallet and change the CONFIG file

Go to the folder C:\Users\>Your Name<\AppData\Roaming\phantomx


Press START > RUN or press the keys WINKEY + R and type %APPDATA%.

Click in OK.

1 - Open the CONFIG file phantomx.conf

2 - Paste the content copied and changed on the step above

3 - SAVE and Close it

================ Section 03 // Transferring PNX to your Collateral Address ================

6 - Go to tab RECEIVE and copy the address called "MN01".

This is your Collateral Address exclusive to instance your Masternode Send EXACTLY 20,000 from your Exchange or other wallet to this COLLATERAL ADDRESS Wait on the minimum 10 confirmations. You can check on the EXPLORERE


Copy your Collateral Address and paste on EXPLORER

================ Section 04 // Starting your Masternode ================

7 - OPEN your Wallet again and wait the wallet sync

1 - Click on left side "PhantomX Nodes"

2 - Click on tab "MY PhantomX Nodes"

3 - SELECT the alias node created MN01

4 - Click on button START

If you followed all steps with success, you will receive a message: 

8 - Checking if your MASTERNODE is running

1 - Click on left side "PhantomX Nodes Network"

2 - Find your <IP-ADDRESS>:<PORT>

If you FIND YOUR ADDRESS, congratulation, your MASTERNODE is running