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Receive and Send tabs (Coin control included)

Receive tab

New Address- Create a new PNX address (cannot be deleted once it'll be generated)

Copy Address- Copy the selected address field from the list to the clipboard

Coin Control tab

To reach the Coin Control options, go to SETTINGS -> OPTIONS

Click the Display tab and check the "Display coin control features (experts only!)". You may need to restart the wallet for this to have effect.

Under the Send tab, click "Inputs" under the Open Coin Control section.

A new windows will appear, then you can select what inputs do you want to select to be used in the transactions

Select coins to send - select specific UTXO (outputs) by checking the boxes on the left and then click OK at the bottom

Fee - Fee that will be needed to send the transaction

Send tab

Inputs... - brings you to Coin Control Options

Custom change address - click the check box to enable sending your change to a specific address

Pay To - input address or select from address book on the right

Label - input a label to create an alias for the address you are sending to

Amount - input the amount that you desire to send

Send - Send the desired amount with the previously filled data

For multiple transactions at the same moment:

If you want to generate multiple transactions at the same time sending pnx coins to multiple address you can use the "Add Recipient" button

Add Recipient - Add a New Pay to, label, amount list item

Clear All - Delete all form filled data

Send - Send the desired amount with the previously filled data