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Staking Setup Guide with GUI (Qt) wallet

1. First, we need to close the PNX (Qt) wallet if it's opened

2. Go to Phantomx database directory.

 2.1. On Windows -> Go to  %appdata%/phantomx/

    2.1.1 You can do so by opening Explorer and typing that into the path field.

   2.1.2. Other method to get into phantomx default database folder it's to execute  %appdata%/phantomx/ command

               - Press the following keys at the same time  WINDOWS + R (then a small windows will appears)

               - Then copy %appdata%/phantomx/ at click on "Accept"



 2.2. On Linux 

Go to the following folder:


 Linux tip:

   + If you have hidden folders you can show them pressing -> CTRL + H

3. Modify the CONFIG file ("phantomx.conf") authorizing the Proof-of-Stake mode (if the file does not existe create it called as "phantomx.conf")

    add these lines & save the changes (most important line is staking=1):

rpcuser=<user you want> 
rpcpassword=<your password> 

4. Start the PNX (Qt) wallet again

** NOTE: If you have previously locked your wallet with a passphrase you must unlock it for staking

 1. To reach the "Unlock Wallet..." options, go to SETTINGS -> Unlock Wallet...

2. Enter your passphrase to unlock the wallet

For staking only - Unlock the wallet only for staking, if this options is NOT checked you will allow the wallet to make transfer