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How to use the daemon wallet version (Not GUI)

To run the wallet & other useful info:

To run the wallet as daemon (once you execute this command you can close the terminal and the wallet will continue working)

 /wallets/phantomx/phantomxd  -datadir=/wallets/phantomx/wallet -daemon -start

To stop the wallet (previous started)

 /wallets/phantomx/phantomxd  -datadir=/wallets/phantomx/wallet stop

To get current info from the running pnx wallet

 /wallets/phantomx/phantomxd  -datadir=/wallets/phantomx/wallet getinfo

To get wallet staking info

 /wallets/phantomx/phantomxd  -datadir=/wallets/phantomx/wallet getstakinginfo

To get current total coins balance info

 /wallets/phantomx/phantomxd  -datadir=/wallets/phantomx/wallet getbalance

List of lasts of transactions

 /wallets/phantomx/phantomxd  -datadir=/wallets/phantomx/wallet listtransactions

Transfering coins to another wallet

 /wallets/phantomx/phantomxd  -datadir=/wallets/phantomx/wallet sendtoaddress <wallet address destionation> <total PNX>


 /wallets/phantomx/phantomxd  -datadir=/wallets/phantomx/wallet sendtoaddress PGkXignbZEK7g4e26ijk8JpnPnQUFL9xkj 100

Unlock your wallet

  /wallets/phantomx/phantomxd  -datadir=/wallets/phantomx/wallet walletpassphrase "your_passphrase_to_unlock_the_wallet" 9999999999 true

Wallet help

 /wallets/phantomx/phantomxd  -datadir=/wallets/phantomx/wallet -?