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Synchronize your wallet using the latest blockchain file (Fast Sync)

If you want to do a Fast Sync, that means that you are going to download a snapshot of the current blockchain to avoid block by block sync which could take more than 1-2 days to finished.

1. Close your PhantomX wallet if it is open 

2. Download the lastest-blockchain file from

3. Extract the downloaded zip file, you will see it contains the latest blockchain/peers files.

4. Go to Phantomx database directory.

 4.1. On Windows -> Go to  %appdata%/phantomx/

    4.1.1. You can do so by opening Explorer and typing that into the path field.

   4.1.2. Other method to get into phantomx default database folder it's to execute  %appdata%/phantomx/ command

               - Press the following keys at the same time  WINDOWS + R (then a small windows will appears)

               - Then copy %appdata%/phantomx/ at click on "Accept"


5. Copy from your downloaded extracted database dir files to your phantomx database dir overwritting existing files

6. Start your PhantomX wallet client again executing "phantomx-qt.exe" file.

7. Wait for a few minutes until your wallet get synced (wallet need to download some blocks from the latest hours that were not included in the file).